The Program

The Program


During this Year-Long Mentorship, the Mentees…

  • Take weekly INTENSIVE CRAFT COURSES with industry professionals where
    they get to hone their art and learn about the entertainment business
  •  Are provided weekly INDIVIDUAL COACHING – strategizing, working
    through, and holding them accountable for their goals. We also coach
    through real-life challenges: securing steady and well-paying jobs, getting off
    government assistance, managing anxiety and stress, etc.
  • Are provided RESOURCES to work on their craft – laptops, phones, printers,
    headshots, screenplay software, lighting, the means to take other classes, etc.
  • Are guided through completing their CALLING CARD – an acting reel, a
    directing reel, a script, etc.
  • Are assisted in sending out their material and following up
  • Are provided NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES with industry professionals
  • Learn how to manage their time, schedule, set up appointments, research,
    write persuasive emails, and other skills that go beyond the entertainment
  • Learn how to BUDGET so they can make the best career choices
  • Learn TEAM BUILDING SKILLS so they can collaborate with a variety of
  • Learn how to apply for and secure grants and scholarships for CONTINUED
  • Learn how to find their voice and niche: WHAT IS THEIR BRAND?
  • Learn MARKETING SKILLS – social media training and other effective ways of
    showcasing their talents
  • Will, most importantly, have constant SUPPORT – whether it is a person to
    rehearse with, help coordinate transportation or childcare, help tackle life
    crises – I am here. The mentees have my full support and the support of the
    TDL community.

To the Mentees:

You got this and I got you.

We are going to build your dream, page-by-page, scene-by-scene, together.

I can’t wait to coach you-

Camilla Cordelia Rubis

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