Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn’t I learn this in college?
Unfortunately, no. And I truly wish that wasn’t the case. College teaches you how to hone your
craft. It DOES NOT teach you how to get jobs, how to monetize your art, how to compete in this
field, or how to manage your money while pursuing a career with ups and downs. This program is
designed to give you all those tools and supplement a college education / entertainment based

Tuition seems like a lot of money…
I get it. I said the same thing to myself (and to my friends) when I first started working with a
coach. Now I realize that coaching was the most valuable experience I’ve ever had and worth
more than what I paid. And I mean tangibly worth more. I was able to expand my business and
start a new one with private coaching, so the money actually came back to me tenfold. I was able
to build relationships and conquer fears. This is something I can’t put a price on. I think I will still
reap the rewards for years to come. If you do the work asked of you in this program, you will
make your investment back… at the very least.
This program is designed to help you get jobs, make money off your projects, AND learn how to
manage and invest your money. The investment piece alone is worth tens of thousands of
dollars. Also, you will be part of small classes, receive an hour of individual coaching a week, and
receive text reminders – so this program is priced below the average coaching / small classroom


How many kids per class?
Three to five.


What can I achieve in the 9-week program?
You will achieve the means to monetize your craft. We are giving you the tools to make money off
of your art. You will have a plan in place for the next 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years. You will have
expanded your network and made new contacts in your desired field. You will also have a
finished product (a script, a short, a reel, etc…) that you can send around to get jobs.


Are the instructors acting teachers? Directing teachers? Screenwriting teachers?
Producing teachers?
No. TDL teachers are entertainment and financial experts. TDL instructors specialize in career
coaching for the entertainment business, someone who teaches you how to get jobs and
monetize your craft.


Why is there an application process?
There is an application process for several reasons:
1. It let’s us know if someone is serious about the program.
2. It shows us where you are in your process, so we have an idea of the ways we will be
able to help you.
3. It tells us how to structure our classes. Ideally we should have a variety of producers,
directors, actors, and screenwriters in each class so you can set up productions together
and possibly work together in the future.


Why is ethnicity asked about in the application process? 

We believe that successful projects are founded on diversity. We strive to make our classes as
diverse as possible because we believe it maximizes learning and growth. We are committed to
growing and cultivating diverse voices because we recognize minority and BIPOC communities
are underserved and underrepresented within the entertainment industry.


What is a co-interview, and why is there one?
A co-interview is virtual meeting where we are interviewing each other. I am seeing if you are a
good fit for the program and you are seeing if this program is for you. It is your opportunity to ask
any questions you would like and let me know what I can do to set you up for success.


Why The Difference Legacy and not our competitors?
Hmmmm, we don’t really have competitors. This is the only program of its kind that I have seen
so far. This is part of the reason TDL was started.


Are there scholarships to the program?
Yes, we have scholarships for youth in the foster system. Please email if you are ages 18-21, in the foster system, and would like to
apply for a scholarship, or if you would like to recommend someone for a scholarship.
Otherwise, we do have payment plans to make it easier to manage tuition, which are discussed
during the co-interview.